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[Fanart] Daily Sketch Blog - Day 1 - Sherlock BBC/His Dark Materials

I'm not going to be posting these here every day, actually, I will try and collect them all and periodically do a big post every 5-10 days or so. BUT if you want to see a new sketch every day just follow my tumblr account. :) 


I couldn't resist drawing these!  I partly blame [personal profile] pandarus  as she turned me onto the HDM crossovers via her podficcing & crossover love.  To be fair, the fic listed here are EXCELLENT.  ;)

Daily Sketch Blog - Day 1
4 hours

Okay so…spent way too much time on this one. This is a tribute to JOHN and also 3 amazing Sherlock BBC/His Dark Materials Crossover fics.  I especially like John having a ratel daemon, so innocuous at first until you read up on them…

Theory & Practice by Anon
Asteroidea & 2 further stories by etothepii
Playing Human & several further stories by snake_easing

This is my first crosspost from dreamwidth to livejournal, seeing how I like it.  Hope this doesn't cause anyone any trouble!  :) The original Tumblr post for this sketch is here.

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These are just wonderful!!