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So, I've been toootally bogged down in this massive project.  Honest, it just started as ONE PICTURE and then evolved into a comic.  IDK what I was thinking.  When things go bad in a pic I guess I just try to make things harder for myself!

HUGE thanks to [livejournal.com profile] eviltwin , [livejournal.com profile] rivers_bend and [livejournal.com profile] missyjack for being awesome and supportive and sweet. <3

Title: He Said, She Said
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] dauntdraws
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] dime_for_12
Rating: PG
Warnings: Girl!Sam! That is all. :)
Pairing: Dean/Girl!Sam
Summary: One hot Montana evening, Dean just can't keep his mouth shut.

Notes: You mentioned a few things in your request so I tried to fill out a few. Possessive!Dean, Girl!Sam, Montana and HUSTLING. I took it to mean pool hustling, I hope that's ok. :)   Many thanks to my dialogue betas, [livejournal.com profile] rivers_bend and [livejournal.com profile] missyjack !

Also, this is my first time using this comic style format for my art and it wound up being a LOT of work but the outcome was pretty nice I think.

If for any reason you can't view the comic please let me know!  I can upload it without the javascript used for the viewer.

EDITED TO ADD:   Okay so...apparently I am a naughty bad Daunt and I plant plot bunnies in people's heads. Specifically [livejournal.com profile] eviltwin 's head. So now she's gone and written some blisteringly hot fic that follows after the comic. Go read it like...NOW.

It's Okay, Dean by [livejournal.com profile] eviltwin - Adult | girl!Sam/Dean | 4,071 words "Sammy told him it's okay. And she'll do her best to prove she's right."

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So glad to hear you had an awesome day! My apologies that this is so late. :)  It's J2 from yours and Adorable's Smoke and Lightning fic!  <3  Hope you like it bb.  :D


EDIT:  Srsly guys, this massive fic is awesome.  You'll like it, TRUST ME.  

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So, as some of you may have noticed I've been incredibly quiet for the past month.  This is what I've been working on!  (Well one of the things, I have one more project that I've almost finished.)

Firstly let me thank the following awesome people, [livejournal.com profile] rivers_bend , [livejournal.com profile] eviltwin and of course the amazing [livejournal.com profile] lady_simoriah , the fic author.  <3

[livejournal.com profile] pictures2words : After us artists created some rough drafts of art, the fic writers selected what they wanted to write from a large list of 300x300 sample images by us.  It's like a reverse mini-BB.  I couldn't resist going Victorian for the art and was fortunately chosen by Lady Simoriah who has been AMAZING.  She included me in the brainstorming, listened to my feedback (though I am no writer) and was so thoughtful about all her choices AND exceedingly nice even when we didn't agree.  She absolutely made this an awesome experience and I can't thank her enough for being so great to work with.  <3  THANK YOU! 

Enough rambling, ON WITH THE ART.

Title: Highwayman
Fandom: Supernatural
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] dauntdraws
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lady_simoriah
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 14, 505
Summary: Samuel thought he could put his past aside as easily as the Winchester name but he was wrong. Dean never thought he'd be riding hell for leather through the dark streets of London to save his brother's life. As both brothers try to put the past behind  them a new threat emerges from the darkness leaving a trail of dead in his wake.
Warnings: Violence, minor character deaths, suicide, language and references to alcohol

Okay now you need to go - READ THE FIC -

Main Illustration )

Secondary Illustrations: Sam and Dean on horseback... )

Secondary Illustrations: Tools of the Trade... )

Icons... )


Main Illustration: 1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 12001440 x 900
Secondary Illustration 1: 1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 12001440 x 900
Secondary Illustration 2: 1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 12001440 x 900
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Oh my god TONIGHT WAS LAME. (no relation to tonight's Supernatural episode which I have not seen, the episode sounded awesome btw)   But I felt the need to do something to cheer myself up before I go throwing myself in front of a bus over dumb little things.  D:<  

Thus art was created in the form of PONIES.  YES PONIES. CrackSPN!ponies to be specific. I'm not even putting it behind a cut this time.  

ENJOY my lovely f-list!
Pony!Dean was waylaid by some clever twelve year old girls.  Horse!Sam has a laugh at Dean's expense.

Also [livejournal.com profile] rivers_bend is amazing and I owe her many <3s.

PS:  Thank you guys so much for all the lovely amazing comments.  I draw for you!  :)
PPS: I will catch up on comment replies this weekend!  Sorry for the delay!
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Title: I like watching you work... otherwise known as Dean likes taking his time

Artist: [livejournal.com profile] dauntdraws
Pairing:  Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Wincest-ish, Blood, Dark!Boys, disturbing imagery

Notes: drawn as a [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas present for [livejournal.com profile] vorpalblades! I picked up this pinch-hit for Vorpalblades who asked for dark!boys (among other things). I adored her Intimations of Morality (which is amazing btw, so go read if you haven't, it's creepy as hell)  I latched on to 'dark' and went with it, I just couldn't help myself.

Hope you like it! :)

I wanted to add text to this but changed my mind.
I imagine this is the sort of conversation they'd be having:

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Ha.  Damn you're impatient.  Whats up Sammy, you wanna turn?"

"Nah.  You know how much I like watching you work."

Click here to see the whole image.... )
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Okay so...I've been working on this for weeks now.  I'm really really glad to be done because it was the sort of piece of art that tormented me in my dreams.  I truly wish I had better to show for all my effort but I'm hoping it'll still be enjoyable to see. 

Last Outpost of All That Is by [livejournal.com profile] gekizetsu
This is one of the first fics I read in SPN fandom and is still one of my favorites.  I've reread it several times now and it still is just breathtaking.  There are so many wonderful things about this fic that I can't list them here.  Most people have read it, I believe, but if you haven't trust me and spend an afternoon or so reading it.  It's wistful and achey but beautiful and satisfying.  It's an Apoco-AU, here is the summery Gekizetsu has for it:  "The world is over, and it’s a Winchester’s lot in life to cope with anything – no matter what."

One thing I loved was how much she thought through the way they'd cope with the end of everything.  Not just with each other but in their environment.  Incredible!  Okay I'll stop gushing now....(Forgive me Gekizetsu for being so crazy verbal about your fic, I can be such an incoherent rambler. THIS is why I don't write fics!)

And considering how wonderful the entire fic is, I feel a little shallow/weird that I picked this one moment to draw (because it's so much more than just sex) but considering it's such a deep and AWESOME moment I'll try to console myself with that. At some point I'll get around to drawing the entire scene as a comic but until then, here we go.  :)


Read more... )

A special huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] oatmeal_queen who not only red lined the entire original piece but wrote out an amazing list of things for me to try out.  It really helped shape this piece up and I could not have finished it without her.  :) And thank you to all those of you who offered!
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Hey there F-list!  Hope you all are having a great holiday!

Figured I'd do a holiday pic.  I tried to NOT draw ponies and this is what happened, lol.   So....you guys get more Horse!Sam and Pony!Dean for x-mas.

Many hugs guys!  :)

Please click to see it bigger!  It looks better bigger, I think...

And just in case you want a wallpaper of it here ya go!
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[livejournal.com profile] eviltwin Also calls it My Pissy Pony in honor of Pony!Dean. BUT this time Dean has moved past the pissy stage has moved into the 'this is so fucked up I have to laugh at it' stage... Anyways. TELL ME if you guys get tired of these. Aside from that, I am taking a break from them for a few drawings so I can get some other things done, lol. But I'll come back to them in Jan. :)

See the large comic here... )

If anyone missed the last 2 here they are: Intro & Part 2

ALSO, before I forget, I've added everyone who has friended me to my friends list. My purpose was to make it so you could see my NC-17 art when I decide to post it (because it'll be friends locked)...but I kind of forget people mostly just watch me for my art so I may have startled a few of you by randomly posting on your entries so...SORRY! D: I should probably sort my friends list or something?  Anyways, I don't mean to be all stalkery!

I am totally rambling.

OK here are some sneaky 'coming soon' hints for art I'm working on:

- Victorian England
- 'I'm Batman'
- Antiquers!

;) I'll leave you with that for now.

EDIT:    I have been watching Dark Angel.  Alec is so fantastic (and yeah blame Jensen for part of that love)  so I am definitely going to be drawing him soon....He is so full of sass!
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I can't stop. I had to draw the boys again like this, it was a little too funny making up scenarios. I have a few more I want to do. Ahhh, Someone stop me because this is getting ridiculous. I need to do one with Bobby trying to pass them off as normal horses...

Thank you for all the comments though! I'm glad at least the crackponies made people laugh. :D

We last left our two heroes waiting out the effects of the curse laid on them.

Click here to see it... )
For some reason I've been kinda down the last few days but drawing Sam and Dean like this has perked me up some. AND all the lovely snowflake cookies! Thank you guys so much! My profile looks all fancy now. :D

EDIT (Dec.): More pony art here: Christmas In Horseland, and Part 1 and Part 2 comic strips.
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Okay so, quick post before bed.

I went to see Cavalia. It was AWESOME. My inner 12 year old girl was having heart palpitations. Anyways, I had inspiration in the middle of watching it. Basically I am a huge dork and drew Sam and Dean as ponies. I have a feeling only my LJ friends list would be amused.

Click here to see the big image with dialogue... )

I owe people a ton of replies to comments, I will do it tomorrow! Also, I have fic to catch up on, my god you guys are prolific. D:

EDIT (Dec.): More pony art here: Christmas In Horseland, and Part 1 and Part 2 comic strips.
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I finally, finally finished these for [livejournal.com profile] eviltwin 's totally adorable J2 fic "The Adventures of Crybaby and Jerkface" and I am both relieved and excited! I've been frantic to get these done and she's been so kind as to actually WAIT to post her fic for them. Ahhh, why am I so slow at drawing?

Anyways, here we go! Make sure you go read her fic too, it's very adorable and Jensen is a COMIC artist and I love that so much! It's very sweet and totally gave me warm fuzzies while reading it. <3

Sidenote: I am so bad at drawing Jared, I mean seriously! Ugh...... ;_;

Click here to see all the art... )

PS: I love the SciFi channel. I mean seriously, Cursed (with Christina Ricci as a werewolf, Milo Ventimiglia with a crush ON a boy werewolf, ahhhh), Beowolf starring Christopher Lambert and most awkward logo ever and GARTERS on women (WTF), Lake Placid 2, Giant Spiders, David Hasselhoff in ANACONDA 3, GIANT SHARK LEAPING 30,000 FEET TO BITE PLANE IN HALF WHAT??????? ahhhhhhh this channel is awesome. It makes me go 'WTF' all the freaking time. <3

EDITED TO ADD: Because it needs saying AGAIN. God damn it I keep watching and can't stop laughing: SRSLY, HOLY SHIT!!!!
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I totally needed a break from working on this comic script that is totally making my brain melt. ARGH. But this was a good breather. :) I did use photo reference on this, particularly for Dean whom I find really difficult to draw.

Anyways, I was listening to Imogen Heap's new song 'Canvas' when I came up with the idea for this picture and sadly it fell short of what I wanted. I wanted more wind, more distance between Sam and Dean and everything to be much much darker.... BUT go listen to the song and watch the music video because you'll see how it influenced my image. :) ----> Link Here

You know the drill, click on the image below to see the big one. :) Also, I made a wallpaper, since it seemed the right shape for one. Also, I posted it on DA, too. :)

Click here to get behind the LJ cut and see the larger file... )
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Did a piece of Dean and posted it on DA. :) Go check it out! I used a photo for the base so it's not too impressive, really. But I'm happy with it.

You can click here and go to my DA account! It's kinda big-ish...

Or click here to see it big in my journal... )
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The other half of Theme #17, Rage. Featuring Sammy...Kinda happy with this one. But his face looks more like 'bitch' face to me than 'rage' face. :( Oh well.

Click here to see it large... )
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First drawing for my 30 Screams table, #17 part 2 is Pendant.

Gah. I suck at drawing Dean!

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