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Chapter One


Fauste recognises the newcomer’s gait at once, for all that he’s never seen them before. The hallmarks of Commedia training are unmistakeable: that’s the First Actor’s walk, straight-backed and regal and sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of the bustling marketplace, if one knows how to look. So: Commedia trained, but still wet behind the ears, if they aren’t blending into the background the way an Artist should. Curious. He drops the rambutan back into the prickly pyramid whence it came and throws a distracted smile at the blue-skinned djann merchant manning the stall.

“I’ve just remembered me - Mistress Ellory owes me a nuncheon,” he says, vaguely. “Your pardon, gentle.”Read more... )
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Ola is half way through performing the lazzi of the malfunctioning food dispenser to gratifying howls of laughter when the alarm sounds. She doesn’t miss a beat, cupping her ear and giving a grimace of confusion, then miming an old fashioned stethoscope and pretending to press it to her heart, to the food dispenser, and to the belly of a chubby Carthaginian on the first row; a professional does not drop out of character for anything short of grav failure or oxygen depletion. It works for a moment or two, provokes a fresh surge of laughter, but as the alarm continues to blare, the audience comes to the belated realisation that the flashing yellow light and the discordant ringing is not part of the show. Read more... )

Not Fanfic, Exactly....

Apr. 16th, 2017 10:12 pm
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Hello, interwebs!

So, I'm dabbling in writing a story, but it's not really fanfic as such - although it's fanfic-adjacent, let's say?

It's a sort of queer(er) space opera Twelfth Night AU sort of thing, and I'd be most grateful for feedback on it, if that seems like it might be anyone's cup of tea?

I'm four chapters in at the moment, and I think it would be helpful to know what's working/not working, so - might any of you be interested in reading along?

I should say up front that I'm working on this with a view to perhaps making something publishable, rather than writing fanfic, so it's not liable to stay up here viewable forever, but - eh, it's ages since I've written anything novel-length, and I'm feeling my way along here. Particularly wrt trying to pull together my thoughts on colonialism and race, and trying not to fuck that up.

Feedback would be most gratefully received, if anyone out there feels like having a shufty?


Apr. 13th, 2017 05:35 pm
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Drop a comment here listing your favorite colors, scents, or other little tidbits (and allergies, especially to nuts or oils or etc.) and I'll send a little present your way when my creativity aligns.

I will DM you for a mailing address when I have something for you!

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