Mar. 2nd, 2010

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Can't sleep!  Figured I'd ramble a bit.  :D

Steven Segal is on my tv, all his movies are the SAME but I can't help but enjoy them.  Does anyone know if they make an action figure of him in like...his cute Chinese clothes he always wears?  This guy totally cracks me up.

ALSO I'd like to talk about SPN crossovers! 
(ie: my fannishness, let me show you it)

Anyone else like them?  They came up in an [ profile] spnroundtable discussion recently and I got to thinking about how fun some crossovers might be.  Honestly I can't imagine anyone writing any of these, they're such weird crossovers but a girl can dream right?

- Supernatural & The Closer
I don't know how this one would go but seeing Dean and Brenda face off would be RAD and humorous I think.  Not sure how actual supernatural stuff would work in this though but I love Brenda as a character.

- Supernatural & Saving Grace
Dude, God talks to her.  And she's Holly Hunter.  SHE'S HOLLY HUNTER.  I mean come on, I love her.  Also her and Dean and Sam.  I don't even know how to verbalize it, it just could be awesome.  

- Supernatural & Criminal Minds
Yeah, sensing a theme here.  I know there are numerous good ones but there can never be enough Winchester profiling! <3

- Supernatural & The Dresden Files
I know, I know, their mythology is totally different.  But I always thought Sam consulting Harry about Dean's deal would rock.  Both before and after Dean's soul came due.  This idea really makes me wish I could write, to the point where I wrote 2 pages of story.  YEAH no one is every seeing it, YOU'RE SAFE.  

- Supernatural & Silent Hill
I don't even- this idea makes me giddy with glee.  SOMEONE ON MY FLIST KNOWS THIS ALREADY and she may have the remedy.  I shall not name names.

- Supernatural & Dirty Jobs
I blame vorpalblades for this one because I misunderstood her for about 3 minutes.  SERIOUSLY.  Mike Rowe travels the country doing dirty jobs.  And what could possibly be dirtier than HUNTING?  I need this crack to exist.  I am on a mission.  

ALSO I watched Gone in 60 Seconds the other night and it made me long for a remix AU using Sam and Dean or something.  It was much more fun a movie than I anticipated.  :)

Holy crap that was a lot of random thought regurgitation.  D:  Forgive me guys!

SO f-list....any crossovers or remixes you would want to see or read?  :)

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