Mar. 20th, 2010

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Okay so....I don't do recs all that much for fics because I am not so good at saying more than 'THIS IS AWESOME' ...But here are a few I think ya'll should read.

Firstly I want to go with some fics that I don't see rec'd that often when they really should be.  

Find a Spark by [ profile] lustmordred (S/D, NC-17, S&M, burning, shotgunning, rimming)
Summary: 'If I took this cigarette and put it out on you, would you love me?'

Okay...yeah, I never really 'got' S&M...and now I do. This fic was both scorchingly hot...and educational! What makes this kink work so perfectly is Sam and Dean. So if you like watching Sam and Dean pushing the boundaries of physical trust between them right into a wicked dark kink, this is it. Lustmordred won me over with this fic.

Two more from Lustmordred behind the cut! )


It's the Damnedest Thing by [ profile] dragonspell ( OMC/Dean, PG-13, Dean is 17 years old)
Summary: It’s the damnedest thing but Jim thinks he’s just about got it figured out. There’s a snot-nosed kid in room 3 with the biggest damn green eyes he’s ever seen and the punk’s been batting them at anyone who’ll stand still long enough.

Dean x Authority figure.  I love this, it's incredibly well written and Dragonspell has a -way- with OCs that just mesh perfect with the story.   In this one you ride along with said authority figure's POV and it's awesome.  DO READ IT.

Two more from Dragonspell behind the cut! )


And now, [ profile] fleshflutter.  I KNOW I KNOW all of fandom has already read her stuff but I can't help it, I love her fics.  I pulled a few that I adore.  

This Thing of Ours by [ profile] fleshflutter (S/D, PG-13)
Summary: The Pilot – if the Winchester family business were organized crime rather than hunting the supernatural.

Incredible. I didn't think I'd be as intrigued with this one as I was. Sam and Dean are different here but so very much essentially the SAME. GAH, that end scene in the graveyard made me gasp.  I rarely beg for more from authors as I know how fickle the inspiration bug can be but there is a hell of a lot I would do to see more of this, and begging is no exception!  Love it! 

And 2 more from Fleshflutter here... )


I have more I want to rec, like [ profile] dreamlittleyo , [ profile] leonidaslion , [ profile] kelleigh , [ profile] eviltwin , [ profile] rivers_bend ...a TON and I will get to their fics next time.  This post is already so long!

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