Apr. 4th, 2010

daunt: Ignorant in a nice way! (Smirky Dean)
OK so 2 things.

1)  I really really really want to do the SPN Het Exchange.  I DO.  But.....last time I did an exchange I didn't get anything.  D:  IDK.  Like I want to but at the same time after putting in so much effort into the Girl!Sam comic I just...dunno if I have the energy to deal with being disappointed again.  So.  Anyways.  I'm torn.  :(  I want some Dean/Bella or Dean/Ruby or Dean/LISA....SAM/ANYONE.  IDK, man!  Maybe it'd be safer if I just offer to handle a pick up?  Then I won't be expecting anything?


2) I AM DOING THIS, I want to do a million cards for this I am so excited!  SO PLEASE, my artist friends, join me and lets make some awesome stuff.  :D  I can't wait to see the final deck!  Already some cards have been posted, some of them AMAZING, like...some of my favorite SPN art ever sort of amazing.  You absolutely should go look.  The best part is if someone has already done the card you want you can STILL DO IT.  They do not mind having doubles on cards, then people can pick and choose what they want in their deck when they print theirs.  :)  I am currently working on Sam in Detox as Judgment....though I am wondering if that card wouldn't suit Dean being drug from hell as well...

HAPPY EASTER to all of you who celebrate today.  :)  Hope you're having an awesome time!

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