Apr. 7th, 2010

daunt: Ignorant in a nice way! (I guess??)
Okay so, um....what is up with all the Dean/Castiel stuff popping up?

Seriously, there has been a FLOOD of Dean/Cas everywhere lately and I'm feeling really confused all of a sudden!  Um...well, part of my confusion is caused by the fact that even I, YES I,  wrote a tiny Dean/Cas comic script.

Let me say that again just in case anyone glazed over that part:

I wrote a Dean/Cas comic script.

Guys, IDEK what is going on, I don't even particularly like Dean/Cas? I mean.  Ask me 2 weeks ago if I would have done that and I would have said no.  (no offense meant to my awesome f-listers who love it, just not my thing really!)  But yeah anyways.  So it's kind of a hot angsty dialogue thing.   Only with kissing and I-  Dude I have NO idea what has gotten into me, I read it again this morning and was still baffled.  But still liked it.  *throws hands in the air*

What the heck is going on!  Is it the air?  Is it spring?  Is it the shift of the tides, the moon?  The insanity of awesome MISHA invading my brain?

Anyways, I can't promise it'll be done anytime soon since I have a few things coming before it (like oh say...that OTHER comic concept that I am still slowly but surely working on and keep saying will be done soon)  but yeah...I totally went there.
In the land of other art news:  Crossroads Demon Card, Polo Ponies, Taiwan Pop clothing, 'I'M BATMAN' COMIC, Dean in Hell...holy shit so much stuff to work on!

Hope you guys are having an awesome week so far!  Again, I am insanely behind on comments.  Thank you guys again for all the great comments, kind words and sweetness.  :)  

EDIT:  [livejournal.com profile] eviltwin wrote another fic for me! A prequel of sorts to With The Tide, We Roll On. It's called, Spin Around And Drift Together.  "When Jared was 15 and Jensen was 20..."  Go read both of them if you get the chance!  J2, beach, rain, really really amazing.  <3

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