Aug. 23rd, 2010

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So firstly, I signed up for [ profile] inception_bang .  ;_(\  I knoow, this is a SICKNESS. BUT...I signed up for Track 2, meaning writers and artists collab ahead of time.  So yeah, not to be a total Braggy McBraggerson but guess who landed [ profile] dreamlittleyo  and [ profile] leonidaslion as IB partners in crime?  Oh yeah. *thumbs* THIS GUY.  Uh...girl.  YEAH.

Anyways so I am just mind-blown and totally thrilled they wanted to do a project with me.  :)  Especially considering the subject matter, I cannot WAIT.  Lets just say.  NIGHTMARES.  That's all I'm sayin.

A little bird named Nonny expressed despair at my lack of Supernatural art lately and I heartily apologize.  I promise I have more stuff in the works.  Meanwhile have some White Collar fanart.  Elizabeth, Peter's wife from White Collar.  If you haven't seen this show YOU NEED TO, it's amazing!  PS: Holy crap I hardly ever draw girls. 

Title: Elizabeth Burke
Rating: G
Series: White Collar

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