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Okay so, quick post before bed.

I went to see Cavalia. It was AWESOME. My inner 12 year old girl was having heart palpitations. Anyways, I had inspiration in the middle of watching it. Basically I am a huge dork and drew Sam and Dean as ponies. I have a feeling only my LJ friends list would be amused.

Click here to see the big image with dialogue... )

I owe people a ton of replies to comments, I will do it tomorrow! Also, I have fic to catch up on, my god you guys are prolific. D:

EDIT (Dec.): More pony art here: Christmas In Horseland, and Part 1 and Part 2 comic strips.
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Did a piece of Dean and posted it on DA. :) Go check it out! I used a photo for the base so it's not too impressive, really. But I'm happy with it.

You can click here and go to my DA account! It's kinda big-ish...

Or click here to see it big in my journal... )
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The other half of Theme #17, Rage. Featuring Sammy...Kinda happy with this one. But his face looks more like 'bitch' face to me than 'rage' face. :( Oh well.

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