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Yeah so...I really really wanted Jensen Ackles to play Captain America.  Would have been AMAZING.  He has that perfect 'All-American' guy look and acting-wise I think he would have done a great job with Steve's personality. 

I wanted to draw his Ultimate WW2 uniform because it's an awesome design.  One of the reasons I love this design is that it's an altered military uniform rather than his usual costume.  Very very cool.

PS: Please Captain fans forgive me for any innacuracies, I am not a devout reader of the comic. 

Click to view it nice and large! 

Also, if Jensen had played The Cap, Tony x Steve would have taken on a whole new meaning for me.  *COUGH*  Anyways! 

EDIT:  Oh cool, guys it's my 100th entry!  :')   Thanks for sticking with me for so long!
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1)  I saw Iron Man 2 tonight.  IT WAS AWESOME.

2) Tony & Pepper are so freaking adorable around each other.

3)  For some reason, I kept wondering if there was any Pepper/Natasha femmeslash out there.  I mean like...OFFICE femmeslash.  Or something.  That would be super hot.

So I drew some Pepper/Natasha. 

I KNOW I KNOW, it's not Supernatural OR Jensen and Jared.  Or Ponies.  DON'T BE TOO SHOCKED.  I was going for like...a super hot kiss and it just wound up looking sweet and/or bland.  :/  Guess I'm better at drawing Het and Slash?  Grr!

NOW back to Big Bang art.  <3  Mmm, leather and motorcycles....

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