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2010-10-10 06:26 pm

A few more sketch cards...

More sketch cards!

1 naked Sam Winchester
1 Sherlock/SPN crossover Sam & Sherlock
1 Rob Benedict
1 unfortunate pic of Jensen

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2010-10-09 07:29 pm

More chicon art cards! :D

Ok here we have....

1 ghostfacers
1 sherlock
1 sherlock/spn crossover!

:D Hope you like them!

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2010-09-26 04:53 pm

Rambles... postcards & [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang...


WHhhhaaaat the fuck
was with that new SPN episode.  IDEK man but I*hearted* it (even though I didn't think it was much of an ep for a Season Opener) and can't wait for next week!  Also I LOVE LISA.  JUST SAYIN.

ANYWAYS, thank you all so much for filling out the poll!  I am placing my postcard order today.  :)

In other news [livejournal.com profile] spn_reversebang  claims went down on Friday and somehow (I don't know how) my prompt was claimed by [livejournal.com profile] unreckless . I feel insanely lucky to be working with her since I love how she writes AND I love the subjects she writes about. If that makes sense? She always chooses very interesting scenarios and characters to write about.

Whatever happens I know it's going to rock so I am super excited. If anyone hadn't seen the prompt I did here it is:

My apologies, it's like, 9 kinds of huge.  D:  ANYWAYS, it's a SPN superhero!AU!  I'm still surprised anyone wanted one of my crazy ideas, lol.
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2010-09-23 03:55 am

[fanart] SHERLOCK - Young! John & Sherlock...The Hardy Boys?

I couldn't sleep the other night and my Tarot cards were making me cry with stress so I drew this.  MORE Sherlock BBC fanart...

John & Sherlock as school kids.  At an all boys school.  In uniforms.  I put a long detailed account of what was going through my head when I drew this, YOU CAN READ IT BEHIND THE CUT.  :)

I ramble on about the UK Hardy Boys... )

I think I may have coaxed some people into WRITING this.  :D  MAYBE.  IDK.  But someone should do this because I want to read some HS 'Hardy Boys' type AUs...

Please please forgive me for not replying to comments right away.  I am such a spaz and have the attention span of a gnat.  I LOVE COMMENTS and I will try to reply soon!  D:

EDIT: Sept. 30
Holy. Shit. [livejournal.com profile] dear_monday  actually WROTE A FIC BASED ON MY IDEA.
The Hardy Boys (PG)  It's amazing, Sherlock is sharky, wolfish and clever while John...finds himself getting into trouble now that he's hanging out with Sherlock.  POOR JOHN.  I love her characterizations, it's amazing!  
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2010-09-22 12:56 am

[fanart] Mass SPN, White Collar, ETC sketch dump!

Guys I am so sorry for being so quiet.  I swear I am still alive!  I turned in my RBB, I still have my Tarot cards to do AND the Vampire BB to finish.  OH LORD, so much to do!  

BTW:  VAMPIRE BB NEEDS PINCH HITTERS!  Please go sign up if you like vamps!  :D  

Okay so these sketches are things I've done over the last month, I kind of let them pile up!

They include: Supernatural, White Collar, Captive Prince and Sorcerer's Apprentice fanart!  :)
PS: if you want to see the sassy kissing Wincest you'll have to click the link beneath the LJ cut.

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2010-09-08 01:32 pm

[Fanart] What you really, really want (J2, G) Fanfic Illustrations

I know...FINALLY I have art to post.  Art block plus stress = not much art from me, sorry guys!

[livejournal.com profile] kelleigh , an amazing person and AWESOME writer donated to [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti  in return for some artwork.  It's taken me ages to get this done for her and she's been so so so patient.  Thank you!!  :) 

She asked me to draw an illustration for her sequel to That's Not Our Song and I wound up doing SEVERAL because she was extra generous with HH.  ALSO because I luff her muchly and her first fic of the series was totally to die for adorable.  

So I'm going to jump into the art and just say, MAKE SURE TO READ THE FIC!

What you really, really want - by [livejournal.com profile] kelleigh  (J2, ADULT) (art rated: G)

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2010-08-09 03:46 am

Yeah so I saw Inception.

Oh lawd another fandom. <3

NOW FOR BED.  Will catch up with correspondence tomorrow, dudes!