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Guys I am so sorry for being so quiet.  I swear I am still alive!  I turned in my RBB, I still have my Tarot cards to do AND the Vampire BB to finish.  OH LORD, so much to do!  

BTW:  VAMPIRE BB NEEDS PINCH HITTERS!  Please go sign up if you like vamps!  :D  

Okay so these sketches are things I've done over the last month, I kind of let them pile up!

They include: Supernatural, White Collar, Captive Prince and Sorcerer's Apprentice fanart!  :)
PS: if you want to see the sassy kissing Wincest you'll have to click the link beneath the LJ cut.

I did a pchat with [livejournal.com profile] fox4859 (who is AMAZING BTW) and some of her awesome friends!  Here is Dean and a few others from that...


[livejournal.com profile] fox4859  drew Luci pony and I drew Sam, Dean and PEGA-CAS.  <3  I love evil Luci pony.  :D

This probably isn't as hot as I think it is.  I rarely find my own work hot so this is like....fucking unicorn of my life here.  More than likely everyone else will think it's AVERAGE.  That's what always happens when I like my work, lol.  SAM you fucking gorgeous man.  Be more naked all the time.

NEAL.  I love Neal.  I can't draw him but I love him.  :D

Neal & Peter.  Oh my god.  I can't even.  WHY ARE THEY SO AWESOME.  If you don't know these dudes go watch White Collar on USA.

OH here is some Sorcerer's Apprentice fanart.  I KNOW RITE, wtf me.  But I loved Drake Stone so much, he's fabulous.  And cocky.  And sassy.  Anyways, that entire movie was like a Harry Dresden homage.  Nic Cage produced the Dresden Files AND Sorcerer's Apprentice.  Magically Balthazar has a hat and coat just like Harry from the book covers.  Uses similar magic styles, has sarcastic wit.  OH NIC CAGE.  YOU FANBOY.

This is him eyeing up Dave and deciding he is good as lunch.


Just go read my squee post about it and then go read it!  Also forgive me for the crappy fast doodles of the boys.  D:  

From the profile of my tegaki account:

lol god I don't even know what this shit is:

Sam's demon sucking days would have been cut short early.  IF ONLY THEY HAD BEEN SHARKS.  

Okay so now you're at the end.  I assume you want the sexy WINCEST NOW.  Since there was so much GEN in this post I figured I'd put the Wincest at the bottom so you kids who don't like it can skip it.

So yeah.  WINCEST.
Ok so now that I have your attention and you want to see it:  CLICK HERE.

THANKS FOR NOT DITCHING ME GUYS. ;_(\   I promise more is coming, I haven't been totally lazy.  And I will do a livestream again soon!

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