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I couldn't sleep the other night and my Tarot cards were making me cry with stress so I drew this.  MORE Sherlock BBC fanart...

John & Sherlock as school kids.  At an all boys school.  In uniforms.  I put a long detailed account of what was going through my head when I drew this, YOU CAN READ IT BEHIND THE CUT.  :)

I would love to see John and Sherlock as schoolkids, kind of like the Hardy Boys, solving mysteries and trying to keep out of trouble with Headmaster Lestrade. (well John tries not to get into trouble but Sherlock LOVES getting into trouble. Secretly John loves it too but he pretends not to. )

Sherlock smokes, is frequently bored and irritated and thinks all of their teachers (and peers) are complete idiots. Except possibly John, he's less of an idiot than the others. He has perfect marks on EVERYTHING unless he decides to fail something utterly just to see what they'll do. He is still very fond of mysteries and experiments.

John, a very good student, athletic, with a steady nature, finds Sherlock to be awesome and brilliant and entirely entertaining. Far better company than self-important brats at their school. He also loves being drug into Sherlock's plots, though he will, sometimes fuss at Sherlock about it.

They like each other a lot more than they care to admit.

Together they solve school mysteries! And maybe Moriarty goes to their school or a rival school. Mycroft goes to their school of course. Donovan is the most annoying teacher to ever teach (according to Sherlock) and Anderson is just plain annoying....

IDK. Clearly I am crazy.

I need to write dialogue for this. But I am way too American and far too poor a writer to do so myself. Any suggestions?

Part of me thinks John is amused, saying Headmaster Lestrade is going to catch Sherlock smoking AGAIN. And Sherlock is blowing him off and bitching about something.

I think I may have coaxed some people into WRITING this.  :D  MAYBE.  IDK.  But someone should do this because I want to read some HS 'Hardy Boys' type AUs...

Please please forgive me for not replying to comments right away.  I am such a spaz and have the attention span of a gnat.  I LOVE COMMENTS and I will try to reply soon!  D:

EDIT: Sept. 30
Holy. Shit. [livejournal.com profile] dear_monday  actually WROTE A FIC BASED ON MY IDEA.
The Hardy Boys (PG)  It's amazing, Sherlock is sharky, wolfish and clever while John...finds himself getting into trouble now that he's hanging out with Sherlock.  POOR JOHN.  I love her characterizations, it's amazing!  

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