Apr. 18th, 2010

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Okay a few things!

1)  WELCOME my new watchers!  :)  I try to post art once a week (HAHAHA right.) but I also ramble some about Supernatural.  I really hope it doesn't get too annoying, I promise I try to keep it to a minimum!

2)  spn_j2_bigbang -  THIS IS COMING UP.  I am...freaking out a bit and terrified and excited all at once.  It will be EPIC and I can't wait.  I'm not sure how artist sign ups will work but I want to be NOT AT WORK when they happen so I can like...be sure to grab a story that sounds awesome.  I already know MANY authors who I'd love to work with but since there is no writer name listed with the story I won't know!  I mean I know the premise of a few but there is no telling.  So I'm a little nervous!  

I also just read an AMAZING BB from last year that just blew my mind and now I'm all wound up over it again.  <3

3) LIVESTREAM!  On man that was so much fun!  Question:

WOULD YOU GUYS LIKE TO DO IT AGAIN TONIGHT?  Wherein you shall watch me draw crappy sketches and request art and I'll see what I can do.  <3  It will be fun and you guys can use the chat box while I doodle.  :D

Okay while you guys mull over that I am going to post some art for you all.  IT WILL BE F-LOCKED because there is dirty in it.  *shifty eyes*

EDIT: IT'S LIVE! Come join if you want. :D
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Okay guys, I know I did a poll about today and am only NOW just getting to the livestream but likely I will be on it for HOURS so hopefully everyone who wanted to make it can?  

SO all you have to do is go here to watch!  Make a SN if you want to chat I think?  


Also I am currently watching the old BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice so there may be Regency!chesters happening.  IDK!  But if you show up you can put in a request and I'll see what I can do.  :D  

PS I am at the part where Darcey walks home from the lake and Elizabeth is like "OH GOD UH-  *stares are wet chest and shirt and pants and staaaares*"  LOL I love this series!

EDIT:  All done for now guys!  :)  THANK YOU, it was AWESOME!

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