Apr. 22nd, 2010

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Thank you guys for being so patient about me getting around to posting these!  I've been trying to answer some comments in the meantime.

So Sunday I did a livestream!  Here is what came of it. 

I also have to apologize for any of my comments I made while drawing, particularly when a few kind souls pointed out some errors I was making.  I get -very- nervous drawing for an audience, even though I enjoy it.  I think I wasn't very thoughtful in my responses.  I really hope you'll all forgive me, I didn't mean to sound put out or critical over it.  Typically most of my work starts in the form of terrible sketches and gets cleaned up and corrected before I show anyone.  So welcome to my process!  I do in fact make a lot of errors when I work.  HENCE my embarrassment!

Thank you all for being so patient and pleasant during it all, I love getting to chat with you while I work.  :)

I owe MANY sketches still, I ran out of time to finish all the ones I promised.  GYPSY I haven't done the one I promised you yet.  ;_;  I will though!

Here we are...

Regency Jared and Jensen. [livejournal.com profile] fandomfan Told me, as I drew these, that they reminded her of John Acklebury and Tristan Jarret from the fic "Restraint" by Dark Emerald. I had no idea what that was. NOW I DO and I'm just flipping out even harder over Regency stuff. It's such a well done fic. HUGE and also podfic'd by FayJay. :)

More sketches behind the link, Holmes and Watson PONIES, Jason!Jensen and Nightwing!Jared and more dirty things... )

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