Apr. 23rd, 2010

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So guys...I'm having a really bad few days here.  I don't really want to go into details and no comfort or kind words are necessary. I think I just need a little distraction!  I realized the other day when I finally FINALLY read some of [livejournal.com profile] rhythmsextion 's fics that she was a -writer- and I had no idea.  What the hell!  Just goes to show how much I pay attention.

I'd love to know you guys a little better I guess?  :)  I am absolutely shitty at replying to comments and keeping up with my flist even though I try to read it as often as I can.  So...would you guys tell me a little about yourselves?

Your Nickname:  (totally don't have to do this, just whatever people call you online I guess?)
Where you're from:  (Uk?  USA?  Sweden? THE MOON?)
Favorite _____:   (name your favorite SOMETHING, color/class/band/artist/city etc)
Fandoms you love:  (Doesn't just have to be Supernatural, of course)
Stuff you do in your freetime:  (Do you draw?  Write?  Read?  Play paintball? Make videos?  BAKE?)
Where we know each other from:  (like where we ran into each other at first, sometimes I forget!  I am a total space cadet.)
Active in fandom?  (is there stuff you do in fandom?  Post at ontd_spnparty?  Write fics?  Create graphics or fanmixes? ANYTHING you wish to share and for any fandom, of course.)
Awesome books:  (if you read, tell me a book series or story you love!)
Something you've done that you're proud of:  (again, ANYTHING)
REC ME SOMETHING:  (this is my selfish indulgence here, FEED ME)
FREE FOR ALL:  (Tell me whatever you want!  I am all ears....er...eyes?  Anything though, seriously.  Be creative.  Animated .gifs are acceptable substitutions for text.)

Thats all!  :D  I <3 you guys.  

PS:  You don't have to fill the whole thing out if you don't want to.  One or two is ok too!

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